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Turn your "fuck you money"
into a smart investment!

Succesful entrepreneurs encounter lots of people that ask for investments in startups or new ventures. These entrepreneurs make decisions to invest or not. Is it a strategic investment or is it a so called “Fuck you money investment"?


Why would you invest? What criteria do you use to make the decision to invest? Is it an investment close to your core business or to your personal interests? Questions that in most cases are not asked and in lots of instances are forgotten, because the man or woman asking for money is “such a nice person”.Objectify your decision to invest and make sure that you can look at yourself in the mirror after you get home from your drinks party or dinner event….


Make a sober decision when it comes to your startup investments!


And what if you already made that decision to invest and you have no clue as to what the startup is doing that you invested in and basically you don’t really care as it is not related to your core anything….


We are Sober Decision and we will help you make a sober decision when it comes to an investment that is an impulsive one. We offer consultancy on a very pragmatic level, varying from simple questionnaires that help you decide, meetings with the startup to see if an investment is a valid one in your case or even take an advisory position in the board or have a power of attorney to make decisions for you.


Flexible pricing models, no hourly fees that are the ones your lawyers charge. We are here to think along and to be objective and honest. We are not impressed easily and we do not want to see you fail nor do we want to see you struggle.


Objectify and do it Sober !

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