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Image by Daria Nepriakhina

Make sure your investor
fits your needs!

You started your own company, and together with the best idea ever you now are looking for funding. Money from a bank is difficult and expensive so you decided you need an investor. Are you looking for money from wealthy individuals that have cashed out already and don’t really give a fuck? Or do you aspire a collaboration with entrepreneurs that have proven success. Don’t choose the easy way, go for the a-game. 


You can meet both of them at a party or any informal event and based on a nice discussion the man or woman decides to invest. He or she asks few questions and after a while they basically have forgotten why they invested in you, have no clue as to what your business does and/or start asking all kinds of difficult questions because they think they made the wrong investment.


Make a sober decision and be prepared!  You can prevent difficult discussions by making sure you ask the right questions to the individual you are asking for money. Make sure they think you are well prepared and tell them you are working with Sober Decision to prevent failure from both sides. We provide you with advice and with very pragmatic solutions to convince them that you respect their money and involve them in your adventure.


Make sure all decisions are made sober so you can get drunk with your exit to cash out!!

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